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This idea emerged in conjunction with the release of Windows 10 and continues with the latest release of Windows 11. The ever growing corporate and government agencys interest in spying on people and using them as products for sale was what made me create this website, with the intention of trying to make this much more difficult for them, by educating people.

It is not important, how many people we reach. Just enough to understand what is going on.

LMDE5 Mint updates will be posted separately from the Debian 11 updates, which are fetched automatically from their live feed under "Security Info Tab".

5 September 2022

LMDE5 - Warpinator Update V1.2.14.

Warpinator allows you to send and receive files across a local network.

Previous version: V1.2.13+elsie

This update affects the following installed package:

  • warpinator
  • ...
5 September 2022

LMDE5 - Mintreport Update V1.3.5.

Reports issues and important information about the operating system.

Previous version: V1.3.4+elsie

This update affects the following installed package:

  • mintreport
5 September 2022

LMDE5 - cinnamon-muffin Update V5.4.7.

Muffin is responsible for window management and compositing.

Previous version: V5.4.6+elsie

This update affects the following installed packages:

  • gir1.2-meta-muffin-0.0...
5 September 2022

LMDE5 - cinnamon-control-center Update V5.4.7.

This package contains configuration applets for the Cinnamon desktop, allowing to set accessibility configuration, desktop fonts, keyboard and mouse properties, sound setup, desktop theme and background, user interface...

5 September 2022

LMDE5 - Cinnamon Desktop Update V5.4.12.

Cinnamon is a modern Linux desktop which provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience.

Previous version: V5.4.11+elsie

This update V5.4.12 affects the following...

5 September 2022

LMDE5 - Bulk Renamer Update V2.5.

Utility application used to rename multiple files.

Previous version: V2.4

This update V2.5 affects the following installed package:

  • bulky


5 September 2022

LMDE5 - Chromium Update V105.05.195.102.

Web browser that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable internet browsing experience. This package contains the web browser component.

Previous version: V104.0.5112.101~linuxmint+elsie

3 September 2022

Fog Data Science LLC Provides Local And State Police With Your Data.

Fog Data Science LLC, is a previously unknown company,  that provides law enforcement with easy, mostly warrantless access to precise geolocation of hundreds of millions of unsuspecting US citizens....

3 September 2022

Samsung Was Hacked In July 2022 - Confirms It Now.

Yesterday on the 2nd of September, Samsung admitted to a second data breach.

Social Security numbers or credit and debit card numbers weren't accessed, but in some cases, information such as name,...

2 September 2022

UK Government Schooling Project 6468.

The department for education (DfE) plans to collect data on children’s school attendance and potentially share it with third parties and other government departments.

Now what is wrong with the 007 seven?...

2 September 2022

3GB of Creepshots Shared on Hacking Forums.

A lot of creepy photos taken by whomever.

There are some really sick fucks out there, but this far from the worst I have seen.

Anyways, if you find a photo of you, then you might want to...

1 September 2022

Malicious Chrome Extensions Used By 1.4Million Users.

Five extensions for the Google Chrome web browser masquerading as Netflix viewers and others have been found to track users' browsing activity and profit off retail affiliate programs.


30 August 2022

USA Voter Databases Collection - Leaked.

This collection of files contains the Voter Databases for 27 States (And Washington DC). A lot of this data was bought by Omnipotent for RaidForums in 2018 (Most States charge money to download the Voter Data), which is why you will...

30 August 2022

Ubuntu VMs offline after buggy update.

Microsoft Azure customer's virtual machines running Ubuntu 18.04 was taken offline by an ongoing outage caused by a faulty systemd update.

Customers started noticing their VMs experiencing DNS errors.


30 August 2022

Onlyfans Leaks - The Best Sex Sites.

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom. The service is used primarily by sex workers who produce pornography. However it also hosts the work of other content creators.


29 August 2022

SD - The Swedish Nazi Party in Sweden exposed to Hacker Attack.

The Sweden Democrats have been exposed to a hacker attack by a foreign threat actor, according to the Swedish Agency for Community Safety and Preparedness (MSB).

The hackers did try to break...

29 August 2022

LMDE5 - Xreader Update V3.4.5.

Xreader is a simple multi-page document viewer.  It can display and print PostScript (PS), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), DJVU, DVI and Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

When supported by the...

27 August 2022

Brazil Government Site Hacked - Data for Sale.

The hacker is selling access to 2 domains and, the second domain is Mexican.

The hacker says "You will get webshell access and can upload/download anything from the servers, which is...

27 August 2022

DuckDuckGo Free Email Protection.

DuckDuckGo offers a new Email Protection feature, which helps users conceal themselves and it is now available for those who want to use it.

The online privacy company well known for its search engine, expands its privacy...

26 August 2022

LastPass Password Manager Hacked.

LastPass is currently being used by 33+ million people across the world and has received many rewards.

They offer Free - Premium - Families subscriptions.

It seems that the company was...

Debian takes security very seriously. Potential security problems are handled within a reasonable time frame.

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