About Editor Of Linuxexperten.com


About the editor of linuxexperten and the web site dedicated to making Linux easy to understand and use.

This is a hobby project at the moment and I am working on this site on my sparetime.

But I hope to be working full time on this project together with other people interested in replacing the Windows desktop with Linux instead.

About editor of Linuxexperten.com

Benjamin Franklin once said:

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

This new website design will likely attract more visitors and I have put in alot of thought, where and how to place ads, giving the user as good choice as possible to decide if they want to share their data with a third party or not.

I use Debian Stable, also known as "The King Of Servers", not any derivates of the original and the Cinnamon desktop to make it a Windows like experience.

For the exception of Kali Linux a Debian derivative, I see no need for using any other distributions.

Now, Debian unlike Ubuntu doesn't collect user information, thus it makes it impossible to exactly know how many Debian desktop users there are, unless they willingly downloaded a free tool, sharing some data and letting them know atleast a little bit how many users there are.

So far 198,610 Debian original users have installed and registered to the debian popularity contest.

If you are installing Debian 10 "Buster", you can click "Yes" ,if you wish to participate i popularity-contest, note that, the default setting is No.

After all, we are all about online privacy, security and keeping software listed here, that are still being maintained.

I have noticed that many sites still recommend discontinued software and if I discover discontinued software listed here, I will delete it.

Read the FAQ before you enter.

How to install if you want to anonymously contribute / Debian 8 "Jessie" - 9 "Stretch":

sudo apt-get install popularity-contest

Press Enter, done.

NOTE: Some countries like Romania are blocked by Debians own site. So if you are using a VPN, you need to test other countries.

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