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Welcome To Linuxexperten.com


Welcome to Linuxexperten.com.

This idea emerged in conjunction with the release of Windows 10 and continues with the latest release of Windows 11. The ever growing corporate and government agencys interest in spying on people and using them as products for sale was what made me create this website, with the intention of trying to make this much more difficult for them, by educating people.

It is not important, how many people we reach. Just enough to understand what is going on.

Nobody really knows the exact number of Desktop Linux users, but it was estimated to be around 2,5% back in ( 2018 ). However Linux is reported to be running 60% of the worlds servers, 70% of Web servers and 95% of all supercomputers.

King of Linux distributions:

Debian Stable is known as the king of Linux distributions and is the most popular Linux Server Distro at present for a reason.It has a powerful software packaging system and comes with 50000+ packages. Debian supports many computer architectures such as amd64 and Aarch64.

To make it even more popular, Linux Mint developers created LMDE5 "or" it might just be a backup in case Microsoft buys Ubuntu.

Either way for the end users it is a win-win situation, because LMDE5 is not based upon another Debian derivative.

It is super easy to install, beautiful ( looks like the familiar WindowsXP/7/10 ) you are used to and it is is easy to use, plus it gives you the full power and security of the latest Linux Debian release.

Full disk encryption:

Plus it lets you encrypt more than "just your home folder", it gives you the option to encrypt the entire computer and you can implement an extra security feature if you want and lock your system after X failed logins by using the"pam_tally2 module.

Now that is security !

Of course you should harden your Linux system even further and you' ll find out how to do that here on this site.

A notebook security tip:

Do not use the battery if you have a notebook, remove it, unless you are travelling of course.

Now there are plenty of Linux distros to choose from, but how many of them are based on "Debian". Google it if you must !

Did you know:

  • The Banks of Brazil migrated its servers, desktops, and ATMs to Linux back in 2002.
  • Brazil has about 20 percent of production Linux PCs.
  • CIA - Shows that Brazil has a Linux user coverage of 4%+.
  • 75% of the Linux code is written by programmers on their spare time.
  • 1.1% is contributed by Google.
  • 8% of code is contributed to the Linux kernel by Red Hat.
  • 3,9% of code has been contributed by SAMSUNG back in 2006.
  • 100% of the top 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world operate on Linux in 2021.
  • 90% of all Hollywood special effects are made on Linux machines.
  • Approximately 96% of the top 1 million websites are believed to run on Linux-based servers.
  • Approximately 3 to 3.5 billion or more people use Linux. There is no exact number of users available.
  • As of 2021, over 13.000 Windows games work on Linux.
  • Steam OS is "wait for it" based on Debian.
  • Kali Linux OS is "wait for it" based on Debian.
  • Ubuntu OS is "wait for it" based on Debian.
  • MX Linux OS is "wait for it" based on Debian.
  • It was estimated that 2% of the worlds population were Linux desktop users in 2020, which would be 156 million people. How many users do you think it is now in 2022?

Debian 11 / LMDE5 key features:

  • Stability
  • Security
  • Strong Package manager with a high number of Packages.
  • Extensive Hardware Support.
  • Smooth Upgrades.

SELinux ( not recommended ):

Yes, you have probably heard of it and that it was created by the NSA, but it doesn' t work well with Debian / LMDE. Don' t worry, there are better alternatives available. You wouldn' t want it on your Linux machine anyways.

Still a Windows user?

This site intends to be as simple as possible to help former Windows users switch over to using Debian11 or LMDE5 Linux as their desktop environment/server or both.

Many of the softwares listed here are also compiled for Windows OS, but don't be fooled, all you do on your computer is sent to Microsoft servers and might just help increase the statistics of felons, because as stated in their license agreement, you are an open target.

Don't worry, if you are using your computer for criminal purposes or "NOT", you'll learn when the Police comes knocking on your door.

So stay retarded or get smart and change to Linux, your choice of course.

Did you know, Linux needs much less memory and fast hardware, which means you can actually dust off your old Dell computer if it has 2GB of RAM memory or whatever brand your computer is and install Debian11 or LMDE5 on your old computer.

FREE WARNING: SAMSUNG NOTEBOOKS, should be avoided as it could void your warranty and fuck up your computer.

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